Yellow Thunder

yellow_thunder_logoThe foundation of our aerobatic maneuvers is from the RCAF. They were maneuvers that were taught to advance the pilot’s hand and foot coordination with the airplane. They are also foundation maneuvers for dogfighting, which would be used in the next airplane the student
would move onto; usually the P-15 Mustang, the Spitfire, or the Hurricane.

The formation content in our display is used in pilot training, both pre and post war.

Formation tactics are taught to this day. Our formation demonstration moves past what most
military students are taught and include aerobatics. Formation aerobatics is demanding on
both the pilot and airplane. The wingman, during our formation loop, for example, has to
travel an extra 550 ft (167 meters) because of his positioning on the lead airplane. Considering
the airplanes start the loop at 85% power, remaining power in insufficient to maintain

Our demonstrations include, depending upon weather, a combination of:
yellow_thunder_3➢ aileron rolls
➢ continuous rolls
➢ loops
➢ barrel rolls
➢ cuban-eights
➢ formation loops
➢ formation barrel rolls
➢ formation banana passes
➢ bottom-side pass
➢ opposing pass
➢ hammer-head
➢ formation rejoins
➢ a tail chase
➢ lots of smoke

Enjoy the presence of the Harvard while you watch us and listen to the unmistakable music
the radial engine makes, and the rapping the propeller makes as its tips break the sound
barrier. The Harvard is a significant airplane in our Canadian heritage; we are honored to
demonstrate it.
Got Warbirds?