Lucas Oil Aerobatics


Lucas_biplane_1Like many of the show pilots, Mike’s passion for aviation started when he was very young. Mike’s Dad took him to his first air show at their home town in Iowa at the age of 10. The show made an everlasting impression so deep that at 14, Mike begged for a job at the Mason City Iowa airport washing airplanes and cleaning hangars just to be around airplanes. Later, he traded his work for flying lessons and received his Pilots License on his 17th birthday.

Thirty years later, Mike has accumulated more than 23,000 flight hours and has qualified in more than 30 aircraft. Today, Mike keeps busy by flying for Corporate America as well as keeping a full time air show schedule from April through November.

Mike owns and operates a high quality aircraft maintenance and refurbishing facility in the Minneapolis, MN. area in addition to his Corporate Aircraft Management company where he manages several corporate flight departments. But his real passion is strapping himself in to one of the highest performance air show aircraft in the world. The Lucas Oil Pitts show plane.

lucas_oil_pilot2As a 2002 U.S. National Aerobatic Champion, and a member of the 2004 United States  Aerobatic Team, Mike has traveled the World with the same aircraft you will see him performing in at the air show. His excitement for aviation and willingness to share his aviation experience with people around the country is nothing short of contagious.

This year, Mike’s schedule will include more than 20 air shows with more than 60 performances throughout the U.S. and Canada.

This is Mike’s 6th Season flying air shows and his 4rd year to fly for Lucas Oil.

“It’s incredible to be part of the Lucas Oil Team. Their products as well as their integrity makes what I do even more rewarding”.

Very happily married to Tammy, they have four wonderful children, two golden retrievers, and an airplane.  Mike lives in the Minneapolis area and during his spare time he enjoys playing with his kids teaching aerobatics and boating.

Here are just a few of Mike’s aerobatic accomplishments.

1996 – 05  IAC Aerobatic Competitor. Regional Champion.  Participated in the last Championships of the Americas Competiton.

2002   First Place – North Central Regional Aerobatic Competitions

2002   United States Aerobatic Champion

2003   First Place – North Central Regional Aerobatic Competitions

2003   Qualified (one of six) for the United States Advanced Aerobatic Team.

2004   Traveled to Sweden and competed in the World Aerobatic Competitions
as a Member of the United States Aerobatic Team.

2005 Recipient of the Fred Liedig Trophy and Sword for Aerobatic Excellence.

Retired Competition in 2005.